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King david my engineer

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Meet my younger son David named after his father David.

Ever since he was a young child he was obsessed with legos. He could always build anything and very creative in art and music, winning the top Award of Excellence in Kindergarten at the Art fair at his school.

He is an athlete, musician, and has a great sense of humor. He is great with animals and an old soul with the elderly.

He would have made my Sicilian father proud if he were still alive with his love of the Italian language and culture and his love of engineering like his grandfather.

He achieved Honor Roll in high school while playing sports and music as well as holding positions in various clubs and Honor Societies. He was inducted into several honor societies while in high school, was awarded a scholarship from the Sons of Italy, and was granted one of the few hundred coveted positions at SUNY Binghamton after high school for the Engineering program which he is in his second year now.

He has always been my backup as a photographer. He is one of the few who can come on a shoot with me and get a decent shot in focus, just in case I want to jump in a photo with a friend or family member.

I think my greatest achievements in life thus far are my children Vinnie and Dave. They are both great kids and I'm proud of all their achievements. I enjoy their company and know they'll both be successful at whatever they put their heart in.

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