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Art koch my bio photographer

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

I think most photographer's like being behind the camera. When you find someone whose style you like and feel comfortable around, sometime you let your guard down to let them photograph you.

I met Art Koch at a Photography meetup group in 2007. He had a studio at his house we met at and I saw a lot of his work and the people he photographed for fun. I needed a professional head shot at the time and was using the famous "cut my head out of a group" photo.

Art convinced me it would be fun and I could bring whatever I wanted for the portrait. It was a long evening since I don't drink to relax like most of his models and had worked all day with kids before I got there.

Needless to say it was a productive night. I walked away with a variety of poses and a CD of images to use for future needs.

The bubble photo is my favorite and this is a close second: simple, sexy and fun!

Thank you Art for letting me play in your studio. I am forever grateful that I have something to use for my Bio and still resembles me after all these years!

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