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Father of a Baker's Dozen

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

My father always took slides of all of his thirteen children and showed them to us at Christmas as a slide show presentation "the year in review" after we opened our gifts and ate lunch.

I always had a camera since my first Fisher Price toy camera that showed zoo images in my viewfinder. I used to follow my Dad around with his camera, a Yashica he got at a pawn shop in Puerto Rico.

I sent away my Bazooka gum wrappers for my first camera at the age of eight. It took one photo of my neighbor and broke. I used my Dad's Yashica in high school and college until it was stolen form me on a train platform in Rome, Italy while backpacking after college graduation. I constantly upgraded cameras until I worked at the Associated Press and saved up for my first professional film camera while they were still creating the digital camera and testing it out.

This photo is a proof of my Dad from when he was in the Navy. I'm proud he is my Dad. He died when I was in college. It's been 30 years since his death. I hope he is proud of me.

As Abraham Lincoln was quoted , "All I am I owe to my Mother." I'd like to include my Father in that quote too.

Love and Miss you Dad..You're #7 (out of 13) ...Monicamera

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